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Welcome To JP Potter Line Dance

Welcome to the online home of JP Potter...Event DJ, Choreographer & Instructor.  From this page, you can find out more about JP, how he got started in line dance and why he still enjoys being in the dance community after so many years.

Do you have an event or workshop and are in need of a DJ?  Read all about the DJ services JP can provide for your event! Even though we may be biased here at JP Potter Line Dance, we do believe he is among the best in the dance community.

Looking for something to teach?  Then check out JP's choreography.  He got started choreographing dances at a very young age and still enjoys doing the occasional choreography.  JP has dances to all styles of music for all levels of dancers.

If you're interested in attending an event where JP is DJing (and even teaching on occasion!), take a look at his schedule.  Make sure you check back often, as JP's schedule is always growing and new events are continuously being added.

JP is trying something new with this website.  After he has DJ'ed at an event or workshop, a playlist of what was played during his DJ shift will be posted here.  You can find that under the Playlist section.

Of course, if there is something you'd like to know about which hasn't been covered on the website, always feel free to contact JP and he will gladly get back to you!  We hope you enjoy the site.